The Few Hours Shiny DSL Product Tutorial

TestDSL branded Eclipse RCP product

Readers of that article will learn how to build an external DSL using Xtext for unit tests, how to generate source code artifacts from it, and how to wrap it all up to be shipped as a branded standalone RCP application. The article will show how easy that is and that such a product is quite easy to maintain and extend. . . . → Read More: The Few Hours Shiny DSL Product Tutorial

Eclipse Democamp Dresden Summary


Dresden, Jun. 21st 2011 – There have been some really nice presentations at the democamp in Dresden again.

Jan K√∂hnlein from itemis AG started with a demonstration of Xtext 2.0. Xtext is a language development framework that you can use to create your own programming language or domain-specific language (DSL). It generates an editor . . . → Read More: Eclipse Democamp Dresden Summary