UnitTestMonitor: Monitoring Qt unit tests

UnitTestMonitor showing test results over time

It’s been bothering me ever since that there’s no integration for unit tests in QtCreator. As I’m quite spoiled by the JUnit support in Eclipse IDE. Last summer I started to work on a tool that I call UnitTestMonitor. It’s not integrated into QtCreator yet, still I just released version 1.0.0 on github.

I . . . → Read More: UnitTestMonitor: Monitoring Qt unit tests

Eclipse Mousefeed Plugin Merged With Marketplace Plugin


My fork of the Mousefeed Plugin has been merged with the Mousefeed Plugin available in Eclipse Marketplace. Please switch your update site to benefit from the most complete Mousefeed version. . . . → Read More: Eclipse Mousefeed Plugin Merged With Marketplace Plugin

A Named QStateMachine

I have a name!

Developing UIs is a complex business. State machines can make your life easier when properly used. The Qt toolkit provides a simple State Machine Framework which neatly integrates with Qt widgets, signals and slots and the property system. However, it lacks support of naming states and the state machine and that’s not so nice when in need of debugging a state machine. So, in that post I’ll introduce you to my NamedStateMachine and NamedState as well as a NamedStateMachineInspector that you can use in unit tests or wherever you like. . . . → Read More: A Named QStateMachine

Announcing: Mousefeed Plug-in 2.0.0


My Mousefeed plug-in fork has been merged with another fork available in the Eclipse Marketplace. . . . → Read More: Announcing: Mousefeed Plug-in 2.0.0

Eclipse Diff Util For Creating Dropins Folder Contents

Eclipse Installations Diff Util

Personally I prefer the drop-ins folder for extending my Eclipse with new plug-ins and features. Having all your favorite extensions in one place separated from the default Eclipse contents is great. However, extracting all the necessary files has always been a pain so I created the Eclipse Installations Diff Util to help me with this task and I’d like to share it with you today. . . . → Read More: Eclipse Diff Util For Creating Dropins Folder Contents