Installing Nextcloud On VirtualBox Guest Running (K)Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

Getting nextcloud running in a VirtualBox guest

This fall it was time to switch from owncloud to nextcloud.

I found a really awesome guide for installing nextcloud with letsencrypt SSL certificate with nginx and mariaDB. However, that guide is in German: Nextcloud auf Ubuntu Server mit nginx, MariaDB, PHP, Let’s Encrypt, Redis und Fail2ban

It contains a lot of steps also to harden the system. It doesn’t describe the case of installing nextcloud to a VirtualBox guest and use a shared folder for nextcloud’s data folder.
Using a shared folder makes sense as you can keep the data outside of the VM in an encrypted container. You could even have encrypted containers per user if you want to provide that level of data privacy.

I felt that all the steps in the awesome guide can easily be put into on shell script. So, that’s what I did. No more typing, and copy-pasting necessary. Just edit the first three variable in that install script and keep it calling, e.g. after required reboots, until it tells you that it’s finished.

The script or the called installers will prompt for user input occasionally. If you are able to react right at those moments and you bandwidth is fine then you should have a secure running nextcloud server within 90 minutes.

Enough of the talking

You find the script on my github:
The README contains details on its usage.

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