Useful Opera Browser Extensions For Improved Privacy

Today my favorite browser since 1999 received an update and I gave some extensions a try. I got to say that I like three of them the most: Ghostery, AdBlock, and YouTube AdsFree.

Opera Extensions

Ghostery and AdBlock render my “disable JavaScript” paranoia needless. As these disable analytic scripts and Javascript adds automatically without interfering with other Javascript features that you really want to use. YouTube AdsFree sounds great, too and it is working like a charm.

Installing Extensions

Installing extensions really is easy. But you should take a few seconds on the privacy settings and expand the hidden check boxes.

Privacy Settings

As you can see, you can configure if the extension should be active when surfing an https website and if it should be active when in private browsing. The former is enabled by default, the latter not. That way you do not need to worry that extensions will scan your very private and secret online banking https pages when doing private browsing. I like a lot a lot the vision and care put into those two settings by the developers!

Extensions may require their own settings. In case of Ghostery I just selected all blockable scripts.
Block Every Privacy Infringing Script With Ghostery

Before After Comparison

So, what do I get when using these three extensions? Here’s a before after comparison. Take a note of Ghostery’s popup on the top right listing the blocked scripts.

The New York Times website viewed without Opera extensions The New York Times website viewed with Opera extensions
The Spiegel Online website viewed without Opera extensions The Spiegel Online website viewed with Opera extensions


Meanwhile I’m using the three extensions Ghostery, AdBlock, and YouTube AdsFree for the whole day and I got to rate them as totally awesome! I can finally use the relevant Javascript features of the websites I surf on regulary without being completely spied out or blasted by ads. That’s the best focused web experience I had so far.

One More Thing

The following screenshot of the extensions I got installed also lists the Google maps full screen extension. That nifty extension adds a button to the Google Maps controls that can toggle the map view to full screen within the browser window. Upon loading Google Maps that full screen mode is entered automatically hiding the top and left control bars and providing you a big map. That is just great!

Bare Minimum Of Useful Extensions

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