Announcing: Mousefeed Plug-in 2.0.0

Update: My Mousefeed fork has been merged

Please read this: Eclipse Mousefeed Plugin merged with Marketplace Plugin.

Update: MouseFeed 2.0.0 for Eclipse 4.2 available

Today I finished adopting the MouseFeed Plugin to Eclipse Juno and its workbench model. As the new version is incompatible to earlier versions of Eclipse I opted for a major version change. The update site contains both, the old 1.x.x branch for Eclipse 3.7 and earlier as well as the new 2.x.x that’s got to be used with Eclipse 4.2 M6 or newer.

Install MouseFeed 2.0.0 via update site now:

MouseFeed 1.1.1

Changes: Tracks commands with no shortcut. If you use them a certain number of times MouseFeed will show in its popup a link to the entry of that command in the keys preference page. The threshold is configurable via MouseFeed’s preference page.

I forked the Eclipse Mousefeed Plug-in on github

The Mousefeed Plug-in provides a great way of learning the shortcuts of your Eclipse IDE by showing a popup with the keyboard shortcut every time you invoke a command or action with the mouse. Usually using the keyboard is much faster for developers. So, as I knew about this plug-in I introduced it to my current co-workers as part of our common Eclipse IDE.

Unfortunately there’s an ugly bug concerning toolbar actions. Toolbar actions are not required to have a name but the Mousefeed plugin relied on this. As a result it broke the excecution of such actions. I debugged it and fixed it. However, the original author of the project didn’t respond to my patch suggestion for weeks and the last source code update on SourceForge is a couple of years old. So I asked via Twitter and facebook if someone is still in touch with him. Another 4 weeks are gone since then and as a consequence I suppose Andriy Palamarchuk is not working and/or interested in his creation any longer.

So, as I said, I have a fix that I’d like to share with the community. As a bonus I even added a new feature to Mousefeed: Invoking a command with no shortcut with the mouse often will show a link in the popup that takes you to the command’s entry in the keys preference page where you can set a shortcut! This feature is not working perfectly if the command opens a modal dialog, as the popup may not get the focus that’s required for the hyperlink click. The workaround is simple though: Press [Esc] when the dialog is open and then click the link as the Mousefeed popup will be shown for a couple of seconds. Also note: Actions are not listed in the keys preference page only commands. But I plan on creating dynamic commands as wrappers to the actions in the future.

Mousefeed Preferences

Link to keys preference page

Configure shortcut for command

Mousefeed suggests the new shortcut


The sources are hosted on github: Mousefeed sources


The preferred way to install Mousefeed is via its updatesite:

Configure Updatesite

Select and install plug-in


24 comments to Announcing: Mousefeed Plug-in 2.0.0

  • Gregor Gramlich

    Hi Robert,

    thanks for the good work.
    I would love to have an optional feature for screencasts or coding dojos on a projector that shows a keyboard shortcut when it has been used. I thought, this might not be too much work to implement, but I already have problems with building the plugin jar. Are you willing to give me a kickstart on this?


    • robert

      Hi Gregor,
      just being curious: Would you want this feature to be a permanent part of MouseFeed or do you just want your own version with that feature?

      To your question: I haven’t managed to run the build script either because I didn’t find the time to check why it’s not working anymore. What I did to build the plugin for the update site was a manual build of the update site. You can trigger this when you open the site.xml file in the updatesite plugin. On one of the tabs you’ll find a button “Build All”. The plugin will be build into the updatesite plugins folder structure and you can use that folder as “local update site” on the preference page where you configure your update sites. Is that answer sufficient?


      • Gregor Gramlich

        Hi Rob,

        thanks for the answer. I will look into it tomorrow or over the easter days.
        I am willing to publish the result, if I get it done and if it does not feel too clunky.


      • Gregor Gramlich

        Hi Rob,

        I was able to build the plugin jar and made two attempts of adding a new listener. But unfortunately, I could not find anything to listen directly for commands/actions invoked. I am able to capture single key strokes, and lookup some of the key bindings, but I have not gotten very far. For now, I give up.


        • Nic

          Hi Gregor/Rob
          I’d also find that feature useful for screencasts/training etc – did you ever manage to get it working, or find an alternative?

          Many thanks!


          • robert

            Hi Nic,
            I haven’t looked at that feature yet. As Gregor said it shouldn’t be too hard to implement and I’ll look at it next week.

  • Hi Robert,

    I have also tried to contact the original author and forked Mousefeed about two years ago at

    I suggest to merge our efforts.


  • Benjamin

    Hi Robert,

    thanks for your work. The plugin is really helpful.
    I noticed this: When I open the menu item:
    “Window > Show View > Search” nothing happens. I would expect that “Shift+Alt+Q S” is displayed.

    Best regards

  • Chris

    Just came across this, it would be nice if this was included in eclipse market place. I installed the one from the market place in juno and it breaks most of the menu’s.. I came across this searching for a solution.


  • Oliver

    Can’t install it via UpdateSite due to dependency on bundle “org.eclipse.e4.ui.workbench.renderers.swt 0.10.0″!

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  • [...] Plugin Merged With Marketplace Plugin By robert, on March 13th, 2013, 1 views About a year ago I forked the original Mousefeed Plugin due to a serious NullPointerException bug and because the original author could not be contacted. [...]

  • Hi Robert,

    i tried installing Mousefeed from, but there seems to be no update site at this URL. Can you help?



  • Zbigniew

    Hi! I’m using yours pugin and I went into trouble. Eclipse Kelper. When plugin asked me too many times for shortcut for Skip all breakpoints I chosen shift-B by mistake. And this works but it blocked large case B. Unfortunately I don’t know how to disable it by hand because this shortcut doesn’t appear in Preferences->Keys. Could you help?

  • robert

    Hi Zbigniew,

    when you open the preferences dialog, enter “shortcut” into the search field. Select the editor shortcuts page. In that page you can search for shortcuts, too. Just enter “Shift+B” or something similar. You should be able to find your shortcut there.
    As an alternative you can search for the function you configured the shortcut for. In your case you might find it by entering “break” into the search field.


  • Eiva


    I’m trying to install this plugin from Market Place, but I’m getting error:
    Cannot complete the install because one or more required items could not be found.
    Software being installed: MouseFeed (
    Missing requirement: MouseFeed (com.mousefeed requires ‘bundle org.eclipse.e4.ui.workbench.renderers.swt 0.10.0′ but it could not be found
    Cannot satisfy dependency:
    From: MouseFeed (
    To: com.mousefeed []

    I’m using Eclipse Indigo.
    How to fix this?

    p.s. sorry for my bad english.


    • robert

      Hi Eiva,

      Eclipse Indigo is not supported by MouseFeed Plug-in 2.0. You’ll need at least Eclipse Juno to use version 2.0. Try installing version 1.x instead that should work with Indigo.


  • ahmet mehmet

    How can i find an offline installation. I am working on a computer which is not connected to internet.
    Best regards.

    • robert

      you can download the ZIP of Mousefeed’s github master branch: (the ZIP download button is on the right).
      The ZIP contains the folder “com.mousefeed.update-site” which you can use as local update site as it contains the feature and plug-in JAR files.

      I hope this is what you where locking for.


  • Anand

    This Plugin was very nice and it helped me to save my time.

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