Eclipse Tips & Tricks: Block Selection Mode

Perspectives in Eclipse are really nice to provide you only the tools you need for certain tasks. Still, not too long ago I concluded that my toolbar is way to stuffed with icons I never use. So I started to clean it up by customizing my perspective. While doing that I discovered the “Toggle Block Selection Mode” action in my toolbar. In the past I had many occations where I wish I had known about this action.

Well, now that I know there’s such an action I got a chance of trying it today. The following is a sequence of screenshots showing the block selection mode in action:

Serveral fields start with same pattern that needs to be replaced:

Lets toggle to block selection mode:

In block selection mode the font is changed to be monospaced which allows for column like selection:

My clipboard contains the sequence “remove” already. Once the pattern is selected in a block I just need to insert the content of my clipboard, e.g. using [Ctrl]+[V]. All the multiple occurances of “add” will be replaced by “remove” now:

Now that all occurrences of “add” have been replaced by “remove” it’s time to turn off the block selection mode:

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