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Dresden, Nov. 25th 2010 – There have been some really nice presentations at the democamp in Dresden again.

Lars Martin from itemis AG started with a demonstration of Tycho. Tycho is a set of plugins for Eclipse that support Maven. He successfully showed three examples for OSGi, Eclipse RCP and unit testing based on Eclipse Helios and Maven 3. More information about Tycho is available at

Jan Reimann (Dresden Technical University) continued with a very interesting demonstration of a refactoring tooling for EMF and GMF editors. The framework is called Refactory and more details are available at

Another very nice tool developed at the Dresden Technical University is Dresden OCL which was presented by Michael Thiele and Claas Wilk. They demonstrated an OCL editor based on EMFText. This tool has been around since the late 90s but was ported to Eclipse recently. This tool does not only provide an easy to use OCL editor with code completion but also adds scoping agains a specific EMF model or even plain Java classes. Yes, you read it: Dresden OCL supports importing any set of Java classes as a model for its OCL constraints!

After a dinner break – thanks to itemis AG and planConnect GmbH at this point – Martin Fl├╝gge (Eclipse Modeling Project) has presented the current state of his diploma offspring Dawn. Since his first presentation at the democamp in Leipzig in 2008 he integrated his framework with CDO 3.0. Well done!

Jendrik Johannes (Dresden Technical University) continued with his talk about model and code composition with the Reuseware Composition Framework demonstrating aspect technology with model based software development.

The last talk was given by Mirko Seifert (Dresden Technical University) about programming-oriented modelling. He was demonstrating how tightly coupled software development on source code level and EMF models (based on EMFText or Xtext) can be. His awesome sense of humor made this talk especially interesting and easy to understand. He showed a few simple things that can be done to introduce good and well proven modeling practices to software development projects that are lacking any sense of modeling. Great talk, Mirko!

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  • Hi Robert,
    coincidentally, I just found your blog post. Belatedly, I want to thank you for blogging about the democamp and I’m happy that you enjoyed our tools, especially Refactory :)

    best regards,

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